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Your friendships are diverse, so you need diversity in how you approach them.
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You continually risk losing focus and potential if you’re not centered on creating strategies to develop and reach your goals
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You continually risk losing focus and potential if you’re not centered on creating strategies to develop and reach your goals
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Wisdom, Heart & Courage – 4 Session Series to Lead an Intuitive Life

You’ve worked hard to grow personally and spiritually. You’ve survived trauma and loss and taken on the role of caretaker to others, all the while pushing yourself to do more. You’ve let go of your creative longings and want them back. You want to be more of who you were, who you are, even if you don’t know what that means. It’s just a knowing that something MORE is within you. You’ve ready to acknowledge your intuition and let it guide you, you suspect there is more all along and want confirmation. You are ready to feel empowered to choose yourself first and feel alive.


Those who find their way to me are naturally intuitive, and often Therapy, self-help groups, reflection, study and more to make meaning and grow past tough and tragic life events. Despite abundant knowledge and understanding, it’s not unusual to bump up against a pattern you can’t see– the place returned to again and again that brings you low or stops progress.  This is when the Soul cries out “enough is enough!”  This is the point where we meet.

This is the great work for those who have been doing the work – therapy, studying, reflection, programs for self-improvement – but still find a longing, something feeling incomplete or the pull of a pattern that takes you down time and again.

Whether you’re wandering through a dark night of the soul, feel disconnected and wonder “what now?”, or you’re ready to shake things to create a next chapter and want to shake things up once and for all, this is the place to start.

We’ll move through your energetic system step by step to clear out the past and upgrade for the future you desire. You’ll have “baby step” homework specific to you to help move you in a positive direction based on what comes up in the energy work. In the meantime, I am behind the scenes working with your Spirit and the power of divine consciousness to support you in making change.  It is work on a higher level, often with magical results, and specific to you.

You’ll learn to see for yourself what needs to change, and tap into your intuition for clarity and guidance. You’re remembering your power, not learning something new.  Each session initiated an inner shift that reflects in your outer world.  Problems resolve, mood lifts, energy returns, enthusiasm and inspiration prevail, and you feel more content in living life on your own terms.

The Wisdom, Heart & Courage Series is comprised of 4 one-hour sessions by phone or Zoom over the course of 6-8 weeks. Meetings fit your schedule and pace of change and integration.

Book a free 20- minute call to see if this series right for you.

Ready to dive in?  Book your sessions HERE. Fee for this service:  $645 paid in advance to commit to your place and willingness to support yourself in meeting your true SELF.

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