What’s your next best step?  That’s where I can help. By connecting you to your inner wisdom and intuition,  making decisions and taking action toward positive change comes easily. It starts by letting go of what no longer serves you, then re-imagining and remembering your true Spiritual power.  I offer  individual readings, Intuition Training, and Intuitive Feng Shui to clear and align home and business with your Vision.

TO SCHEDULE OR FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Contact me at to request an appointment or phone call to find out more.


Each of us is a unique Spirit with our own energy signature. It is this energy which tells the story of who you are. As a clairvoyant, I interpret your energetic body revealed as color and symbols in your aura and chakras. Through your questions I speak to your Higher Self, who relays the stories and wisdom you have to tell.

We can also connect with loved ones who have passed away for clarification and comfort.

A reading is an enlightening and fun experience that can help you identify the past, clarify the present, and make conscious choices about the future. You will leave with practical, useful information to help you pursue dreams or resolve problems. Private readings are done by phone and Zoom.

60 minute Session:  $155.00 per hour.  By phone/Zoom.

Please note:  My time is limited, so I ask that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a session charge.


This is a 3-session series designed to bridge your physical and spiritual world through the voice of your True Self – your intuition.  Learn to listen and TRUST your own wisdom while discovering and clearing energetic blocks to your health, happiness and personal power.  This  series helps you break old patterns, meet goals, lift depression, and shift your life in a positive direction.  You’ll learn to recognize and value your Self to live truthfully, from your heart, through small but powerful actions.

Discounted Series Fee:  $405

FREE 20 minute phone consultation to determine if this is a fit for you.  Contact Julia at 925-286-8325 to arrange an appointment.

INTUITIVE FENG SHUI and Energy Clearing

NOTE: In light of Covid-19 restrictions, you can book a phone or Zoom appointment for this service. It’s not necessary for me to be in a location to diagnose and change the energy, and instruct you how to make adjustments. 

Using a combination of ancient teachings and clairvoyant vision, I “read” and make recommendations to clear and improve the energy of your home or business, which in turns shifts the experience you have in all aspects of your life – career, health, relationships, prosperity and more.

I can also clear and “reset” the energy of a home or business affected by negative experiences, relationships or previous occupants.

In Home Clearing/Healing:    $175 per hour plus $35 travel fee if 25+ miles away**

Please call to find out more about what best serves your need.  (925) 286-8325

** If you must cancel, please allow a 24- hour notice to avoid session fee.**