Got Questions?

Life is all about making choices – in every moment we face decisions about how to be, what to do, how to feel. Most stress comes down to daily decisions we have to make, and if you are alone in those decisions with no partner, support or input, the stress is worse. Decisions like “should I take this job,” “what contractor should I hire,” “How do I pay the bills this month,” “What’s best for my daughter right now?”   keep us spinning in our minds with no resolution.

Procrastination and indecision arise when you lack the confidence to know “what’s right” and look to something outside of yourself to make you feel confident. But what if the answers have been there all along and you just didn’t know it?

The wisdom of your intuition is available to you at all times. It is the language of your Soul trying to point you in the right direction and line you up with the universal flow of divine energy.

Intuition is knowing without knowing how you know. It appears when the logical mind steps out of the way and information not readily or obviously available by means of the senses comes through. It is direct, immediate, clear, and certain.

It shows up in numerous ways – a flash of a thought, a chill up your spine, a vague gut feeling. It’s an inner voice, a song on the radio at just the right time, an out-of-the blue remark by a stranger. It may not be the sign you are looking for, but it is the sign you need.

Intuition cuts through indecision. At any point, on any matter, you can ask “what’s the best action?” By aligning with inner guidance, you stop indecision and worry and act more confidently.

Following intuition lets you live from a place of personal power, free of worrying about what other people think. With your own source of wisdom, you’re no longer dependent upon advice, affirmation, or approval from others. You live more authentically, free of helplessness, and emptiness. You stop feeling like a victim when you choose and take action instead of letting things happen. Intuition leads you from being quietly numb into a quietly extraordinary life. Life happens through you, not to you.

Welcome intuition into your life by acknowledging its existence – the more you accept that it is a part of you, that it works for you, the more it will show up.

Here’s your sign. You really do know.



Let Go of Your Walls

You know the old saying that once learned, you never forget how to ride a bicycle? It’s not true – and it is.

I just spent 20 minutes sitting on my bike, which I used frequently until an unsuccessful knee surgery last October, trying to remember how to ride. Or at least trying to convince my body it knew how.

I had to raise the seat really high to give myself room for a less painful revolution, so my knee wouldn’t bend more than absolutely necessary. I started by pedaling backwards, hanging on to the wall and getting a feel for going around and around. My body instinctively contorted to move away from the pain as my knee bent at the hardest point in the revolution – expecting pain, anticipating trouble.   To my surprise, it hurt less than I thought it would.

“Okay, not bad,” I told myself. “Now slow it down and see where the pain is. See if I can get past it.” I went round and round, slowly, adjusting myself on the seat, changing my foot position, breathing and relaxing. Anything to make it feel easier, less painful, and more balanced.

It got better. But as long as I focused on the pain, it was still there.

“Screw it, just go fast,” my taskmaster side came through. “Who cares what it looks like, just push through. If it hurts, it hurts – it won’t kill you.” I felt sufficiently beat up and pedaled faster. Still in reverse, still going nowhere.

Time to let go of the wall. I looked down the driveway out to the court.   I couldn’t’ let go of that damn wall. My mind was freaking out, sounding like a five year old just learning to ride – I’m going to fall, it’s too high. It’s too far. I can’t do it. It’s going to hurt. I was SCARED. I flashed on the first time I rode a bike. My parents let go and I went straight into a barbed wire fence.

Right behind Fear came Logic. Don’t be ridiculous! Just go as far as the shady part. Look – all the mailboxes are tall enough to grab for balance. If you go that way you can land on the grass if you fall. All these thoughts back and forth –fear telling me to stay, logic telling me to go. Neither one moved me forward.

But I could feel something stronger rising from the very center of me. That force – a thing inside that wants to push through no matter what – that has no thought, no words. It took over and I was off. I pushed down with my “Bad” knee and pedaled away. Easy. Didn’t hurt. It was NO BIG DEAL. I glided out of the court, turned around and came back to the garage. I stopped and jumped off the seat – from that high, scary, unbalanced place – just like I jumped off my bike without thinking so many times before.

With both feet firmly on the concrete I lifted my hands from the handlebar. They were shaking. I DID it!

I jumped on that bike this morning spontaneously and without a plan.   And until then I didn’t realize how scared I’ve been about pushing myself not only physically but creatively – how many old fears were running around my head in deeply worn ruts that have no basis in truth.

The mind can convince us, through thoughts that lead to emotions – that we are incapable of being and doing more. That we must protect ourselves from pain. That we must not stand too tall in the world lest we fall and make a fool of ourselves.

But the deep knowing of intuition – that driving force of the higher, wiser Self in us all – is always there if we let it be. It never forgets. It is always right. And it will always move us further and faster if we just let go.


Innsbruck, Austria by Katia Novak 2012

Listen to your Heart

Today I saw an amazing picture of Pluto just sent back by the New Horizon space probe that’s been flying through space for nine years.   I was surprised by Pluto’s bland colors and thought it’s not very pretty – until I saw that its landscape formed what looked to me like a huge heart on the surface.

I find meaning in everything. There’s a reason that contact with Pluto is happening now, so curiosity drove me to check the meaning of Pluto  from an astrological perspective.   (I swear I’m not an astrologer though I refer to the practice often. I’m a naturalist. We are in the same system with the natural world, and it affects us all.)

Pluto symbolizes transformation, regeneration, and rebirth.  It also governs things hidden, secretive, and subversive.  Pluto is as my first glance revealed– not pretty, but it demands that we look inside our hearts. It affects the masses and now is a time when “good and evil” seem to be playing out even more on a large scale.

For me the message is clear. For real change to happen I must be in my heart. To help shift the balance of light and dark reflected in my life, I need to search my heart.

Being in your heart accesses the transformative power of Pluto on so many levels. It requires too that you look at the dark side of your own heart, what is hidden and corrupt, what is destructive to you and perhaps others. But the heart is huge when you go inside it. There’s so much good waiting there. What’s hidden can be revealed and transformed to create something new in your life – a new attitude, a new resolve to  make meaning in your daily acts, the courage to finally face the darkness that taints your life by hiding behind anger, fear, addictions, judgement  – and be fully in the world.

What does it mean to be in your heart? To act from your heart?  First and foremost it means to be quiet and breathe. Bring attention down out of the mind and thoughts, and simply breathe into and through your physical heart center. This is the fourth chakra, our energetic heart center.

From this place, the heart informs the mind as to what is true. It circumvents the chatter of the mind, the voices of others, and answers important questions like “what is right action?” or “am I being honest” or “why am I afraid?”

It’s taken me a long time to understand what it means to be in my heart and like New Horizon my journey continues, bringing new information as yet unknown. What I do know is that I am most in my heart when I work with others doing readings or share through writing. As a clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, I can see and unlock the energetic potential and blocks in the fourth chakra, and support you in discovering what it means to live from the heart. More importantly, I help you see what’s hidden to transform your life.