Julia Novak Psychic Medium

“Though we all have intuitive abilities there’s no doubt that some have more than others. Julia Novak is one of those people. If you’re a little bit unsure of what direction you are heading in, or what direction you want to take, a session with Julia could be just what you need. Julia zeros in on what’s important and connects things that seem unrelated yet make so much sense once the dots are joined. Her tone is reassuring and one can’t help but feel ‘safe’ when talking about difficulties or challenges with her. I highly recommend Julia to anyone looking for insight into what they want to create in life.”

Brett Jarman – Strategist, Consultant and Coach http://www.brettjarman.com

“As a counselor in the field of “traditional” counseling, sometimes it is nice to rely on the intuitive nature of others. I found Julia through a friend who felt that she would be the perfect match for me. I have met Julia only over the phone, and even though we have never “met,” she truly feels like an old friend.  Julia has provided advice, direction,  and support in all aspects of  my life. Her skills as an intuitive are right on, and her readings have been life changing.  Her ability to see energy, clear spaces, and hone in on details is unique and one of the many things I love and appreciate about Julia.”

Colleen E Crane, MSW, LCSW, LMSW

“Julia, the session with you was so incredibly visual and tangible. Your Intuition is so amazingly accurate and the images you received really helped me to see the deeper issue behind the situations that you saw. You were spot on with your reading about where I was emotionally and when these issues arose in my life and gave great insight as to how to bring them to a healthier place today. For example, guilt issues linked to my current family, that lay in the past as a young child and are hindering me really embracing my powerful and successful self.  I really valued the way you helped to clear out the dark energy in my chakras and helped the lighter energy to appear. I had goosebumps at some of the images and emotions that came up and in 15 years of doing energy work myself have never had such a powerful reading.”

Yvonne Hayward, Intuitive Life Coach, Germany http://www.yvonnehayward.com