Julia Novak Psychic Medium

To boost your intuition get out in nature. Pay attention to what shows up. It’s the first step in remembering more about who you are, and connecting to the energy that permeates all life. Our lifestyle isolates us from our intuitive understanding of the world, and ourselves. Closed off in our homes and office buildings, our physical prowess and connection to the rhythms of nature have all but disappeared. We let a stranger on TV tell us what is coming from the skies above, rather than watching for ourselves. Too often this is true for the weather of our lives as well.

There is power in connecting to the natural world and the cycles that rule it. As the season shifts with the recent Summer Solstice, energy expands and nature sheds what is no longer useful – like the snake that sheds it skin to reveal something new. What patterns or habits do you need to shed now? What in your life no longer serves you? Let it go. Then plant new thoughts, ideas, and intentions in the energy of today’s New Moon. Stand outside in the dark night and think about what you really want. Let the seeds of your dreams take root and consciously move toward wholeness with the moon over the next two weeks.

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