Julia Novak Psychic Medium

Come Home to Yourself

Inside you is a presence and power you sense but often deny.

It shows up in your longings and dreams, and whispers to you in the soul language of intuition and synchronicity.

Ready to take back your life?

Let me introduce you to your true Self through a journey of Wisdom, Heart, and Courage. I help exhausted over-givers, overloaded empaths, and frustrated creatives feel empowered again.

It all starts with seeing yourself as I do – an amazing Spirit capable of an authentic, meaningful life directed by your intuitive voice.  I’ll guide you on your path using my psychic vision, energy work, and a unique blend of ancient and modern healing and wisdom traditions.


Your greater wisdom as a unique spirit in the tapestry of Divine consciousness is always there for you even when you doubt your ability.


Rediscover what has meaning from your true center, the place that connects heaven and earth - body and Spirit.


Inspired by intuition, bring your dreams, ideas, and spiritual purpose into reality from a grounded, authentic place.

Inspiration and Events

Join Me in England!

Last year my intuition took me down a surprising and rewarding path, connecting me with heartfelt healers in the UK. Join us in the magical

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 Any time you’re feeling at a crossroads and need a new perspective.  

No, not at all. Your intuition led you here, and my intuitive vision will show you what it is you need to know now to make changes, find answers, and move in a positive direction.

Distance makes no difference when you’re talking Spirit to Spirit. All sessions are over the phone or Zoom.  I do hope to begin in-person meetings in 2023.

Check out the Services tab for a full description of what I offer to see what feels right to you. You can book an appointment from there. Still unsure?  Contact me and I’m happy to help clarify.

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