Julia Novak Psychic Medium

the road to self

I believe discontent and depression are rooted in a lack of spiritual awareness and a misdirected use of your powerful psychic and empathic ability. 

Depression is the teacher that redirects us toward our purpose. It is the red flag that warns us we aren’t listening to our Soul.

Find your way back to contentment and joy.

Hidden in the depths of Depression is a call to self-love. What if the power you’ve been searching for is waiting in the dark, masquerading as depression and discontent?

By embracing the gift of depression, you engage its hidden wisdom, rediscover what has heart and meaning, and move courageously forward on a path of contentment and purpose on your own terms. 

Learn how to traverse the dark night of the soul to find a blessing in the curse. Live a quietly extraordinary life guided by the language of your Soul—intuition.

Down and Back  is a practical guide of personal and client stories highlighting real life ways to shift your life in a an entirely new direction.

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