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I’m a self-realized High Priestess committed to serving Divine Consciousness in a practical way, raising the vibration of the planet one person at a time.

I joke that I see better in the dark, but it really is true.

When I close my eyes and read during a session, a world of possibility, energy, and wisdom unfurls. It was the dark part of my life that spawned my inner vision, and has led me to see more about myself and others than I ever imagined.

I’ve spent that last 25 years honing my skills as a psychic medium with one goal: to live a quietly extraordinary life connected to Spirit and Nature,  and help others do the same.

I’ve also spent those years cultivating faith in my intuition and ways to use it to follow my creative dreams – all while being a mom, wife, and a notorious over-giver. I’m a practical psychic who strives to walk a spiritual path with grounded feet.  It can’t be any other way.

Growing up in the open plains of the Midwest imbued me with a deep love of Nature, where I felt close to something more like God than the one they taught me about in Catholic school. That connection went underground for years. But fortunately I found my way home to my Self after a journey that demanded I look at my banished, dark parts. That’s where I found light, joy, and the power of unconditional Love.

My first big intuitive jolt led me to California after graduating from college where childhood trauma and addiction overtook me, but broke me open to spiritual awakening.   My story and my work with clients over the years is detailed in my book DOWN and BACK: A Guide to Living Happy With Depression.

I love writing as much as I love reading people and books, and hold a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the University of Kansas. I completed master’s coursework in counseling and consciousness studies from JFK University; a two-year intensive clairvoyant training program, and received certifications in women’s intuition studies.

I write and read from my garden studio near San Francisco, CA where I live with my husband, daughters, and a little black cat named Storm.

My purpose is bridging heaven and earth using my psychic ability, and by sharing my journey of darkness into light.

Intuition is the conduit between Spirit, Soul, and our body. It creates Heaven on Earth.

When I follow my intuition, my life is quietly extraordinary, full of magical little miracles and synchronicity. Happiness arrives in unimaginable ways.  This is what I love to share most with others.

My clients are amazing!

I’m honored to create and hold a space for people (like you) to align with their best life.

I’m so grateful to have started sessions with Julia, nearly 10 years ago. I was feeling pretty lost about how to harness my gift and find my true self again. I didn’t quite trust/believe my intuition. Now I shock people with how accurate my intuition is. Julia is the most gifted intuitive I’ve ever worked with! She has also given me the best “tools” to get through some of the most challenging events in my life and feel empowered by it as well! I now use these skills to help empower others. She never ceases to amaze me and I’m so grateful for the gifts I have today because of her guidance!
Lesha Kastl
Master Body Worker, Artist. Kastlwellness.com
I count on Julia to help me through times when I feel stuck. She is a gifted medium but also part therapist. Her life experience and studies help shed light on situations I can’t see. She helps keep me on a spiritual path of authenticity.
Lana F.
As a counselor in the field of “traditional” counseling, sometimes it is nice to rely on the intuitive nature of others. I found Julia through a friend who felt that she would be the perfect match for me. I have met Julia only over the phone, and even though we have never “met,” she truly feels like an old friend. Julia has provided advice, direction, and support in all aspects of my life. Her skills as an intuitive are right on, and her readings have been life changing. Her ability to see energy, clear spaces, and hone in on details is unique.”
Colleen E Crane

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