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New Perspective

Transitions are opportunities for transformation. A time for an earnest look and rethinking of what your Soul wants. Really wants. Your intuitive voice is waiting to be heard!

A psychic reading uplifts thoughts and feelings, especially if you’re caught in a cycle of old patterns. Or when life throws you big changes like career moves, kids leaving home,  relocations, illness, or losing someone you love.

Committing to yourself with a reading launches your subconscious and intuition into action working on what needs to change. Little synchronicities and miracles show up. It’s magical!

We’ll spend one hour looking at your energy field, and the spiritual connections between people and events in your life.

You’ll have plenty of time to ask specific questions about challenges, opportunities, and others.  You’ll leave with “homework” – tangible steps to feel like the REAL you again, or maybe for the first time.

60 Minute Private Reading


Awaken Your Intuition

Feeling stuck? Confronted with a big loss or opportunity? Let’s see your next best step. You know more than you know. I’m just here to remind you.

REAL life:  Reverent   Enthusiastic   Aligned   Loved

4 Session Mentoring Series


Trust Your Intuition

The Wisdom, Heart & Courage Series is comprised of 4 one-hour sessions by phone or Zoom over the course of 6-8 weeks. Meetings fit your schedule and pace of change and integration.

Wisdom, Heart & Courage

Whether you’re wandering through a dark night of the soul, feel disconnected and wonder “what now?”, or you’re ready to shake things up, it’s time for something new.

We’ll move through your energetic system step by step to clear out the past and upgrade for the future you desire.

You’ll have “baby step” homework specific to you to help move you in a positive direction based on what comes up in the energy work.

I work behind the scenes with your Spirit and the power of Divine Consciousness to support you in making change. It’s work on a higher level, and specific to you.

See for yourself what needs to change, and tap into your intuition for clarity and guidance. You’re remembering your power, not learning something new.

Inner shifts reflect in your outer world. Problems resolve, mood lifts, energy returns, and enthusiasm and inspiration prevail.

Trust your intuition to express the REAL you.

Not sure what works for you?

Reach Out

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Don’t let my schedule or fees hinder you or someone you know from getting the benefit of psychic healing and inspiration. Reach out and let me know the situation. I’m here to serve.

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