Julia Novak Psychic Medium

Today I saw an amazing picture of Pluto just sent back by the New Horizon space probe that’s been flying through space for nine years.   I was surprised by Pluto’s bland colors and thought it’s not very pretty – until I saw that its landscape formed what looked to me like a huge heart on the surface.

I find meaning in everything. There’s a reason that contact with Pluto is happening now, so curiosity drove me to check the meaning of Pluto  from an astrological perspective.   (I swear I’m not an astrologer though I refer to the practice often. I’m a naturalist. We are in the same system with the natural world, and it affects us all.)

Pluto symbolizes transformation, regeneration, and rebirth.  It also governs things hidden, secretive, and subversive.  Pluto is as my first glance revealed– not pretty, but it demands that we look inside our hearts. It affects the masses and now is a time when “good and evil” seem to be playing out even more on a large scale.

For me the message is clear. For real change to happen I must be in my heart. To help shift the balance of light and dark reflected in my life, I need to search my heart.

Being in your heart accesses the transformative power of Pluto on so many levels. It requires too that you look at the dark side of your own heart, what is hidden and corrupt, what is destructive to you and perhaps others. But the heart is huge when you go inside it. There’s so much good waiting there. What’s hidden can be revealed and transformed to create something new in your life – a new attitude, a new resolve to  make meaning in your daily acts, the courage to finally face the darkness that taints your life by hiding behind anger, fear, addictions, judgement  – and be fully in the world.

What does it mean to be in your heart? To act from your heart?  First and foremost it means to be quiet and breathe. Bring attention down out of the mind and thoughts, and simply breathe into and through your physical heart center. This is the fourth chakra, our energetic heart center.

From this place, the heart informs the mind as to what is true. It circumvents the chatter of the mind, the voices of others, and answers important questions like “what is right action?” or “am I being honest” or “why am I afraid?”

It’s taken me a long time to understand what it means to be in my heart and like New Horizon my journey continues, bringing new information as yet unknown. What I do know is that I am most in my heart when I work with others doing readings or share through writing. As a clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, I can see and unlock the energetic potential and blocks in the fourth chakra, and support you in discovering what it means to live from the heart. More importantly, I help you see what’s hidden to transform your life.