Julia Novak Psychic Medium

Unstuck2.jpegAre you ready to come unglued? Go ahead – I give you permission.

Coming unglued. It’s an old phrase to describe falling apart, losing your mind, going crazy – but maybe the glue is the real problem.  What if some of the things you do to control your emotions, your kids, your reputation – whatever – and keep yourself together, are really keeping you stuck.   If you’re finding it hard to “keep it together,” is “it” really worth keeping in this way?

What does stuck look like? You feel uninspired, disconnected, worthless, restless and “don’t want to be here.” You feel afraid, incompetent – unable to support yourself. Life is boring, repetitive and meaningless. You’re lonely and want to be seen for who you really are. You feel crappy physically and can’t seem to heal.  You’re grieving and can’t imagine an end to pain. You long for something, but mask the feeling by filling up with unimportant or unhealthy things.

I give you permission to come unglued because it’s my job as a psychic to bridge the way between madness and miracles. In my sessions, I see and help you heal what doesn’t serve you, and shine a light on the magnificence and wisdom of your True Self to get you un-stuck.

When you’re un-stuck, you’re free to move – to see from a new perspective that reveals  more about who you are, how you want to live your life, and with whom.

The key is tapping your own intuition to keep you from the sticky places so you can enjoy the life you have while you create a life you love.

Intuition, the voice of your True Self, is the wind that carries you through life so that where you choose to land makes you feel at home in your Self, in your home, and ultimately, at home in the world.


“Illusion of Control” by Brian Andreas www.storypeople.com