Julia Novak Psychic Medium

Spring Equinox 2023

Spring feels far off as I write from my childhood home in cold, blustery Kansas, so I hold tight to the image of the verdant hills I left behind in California. Recently, my daughter and I seized the opportunity to plant tulip bulbs on a sunny day between soaking storms there.

Fearful we’d waited too long to plant, I grabbed the box of bulbs languishing in the refrigerator in forced hibernation since bringing them home from Amsterdam last fall. Once open, we found that a few had sprouted roots even in the cold and dark. Their defiance made us more determined to get them in the ground. Why not give them a chance?

With hope and a beautiful vision, we dug a heart-shaped trench in the backyard, doing our best to give them what they need: space, a connection to the Earth, and the light of a higher source to express their unique color and form, whatever it might be.

As usually happens in the garden, Nature shows me how to live. I feel the same impulse to get growing after the pandemic’s forced hibernation and the slow start to this new year, energetically speaking.

So I’m practicing simple but powerful tools I’ve used for years, even more, and with keener awareness, to liberate me from seclusion into a hopeful, vibrant life. More importantly, I see the same tools helping those I serve as they feel pushed to make changes now and grow.

It’s time to shake off what’s been holding us back and leap forward. How?

Like those beautiful little bulbs, we require adequate space energetically and physically and a solid grounding to the Earth. Both allow a summoning of our own energy and sense of Self to express and bloom as distinct individuals in a slow but wondrous reveal.

Connecting, clearing, focusing, and protecting your personal energy field creates boundaries that help you bloom (hopefully like my tulips!) into your unique expression. By finding your edges energetically and spiritually, you realign with your intuitive wisdom, which empowers authentic choices and purposeful action. It’s the foundation for a calm, contented, and creative life.

I’m excited to announce three new ways to help you do that:

In-Person Psychic Readings are Back!

Beginning April 7, in-person sessions return on Fridays only at my new office at 399 Taylor Blvd., Suite 210, in Pleasant Hill, CA. I’ll be working in community with Good Roots Psychotherapy, a collective of professionals in private practice.

Book your 60-minute Friday-only in-person sessionhere. You can also book phone/Zoom appointments for Tuesday-Thursday.

Local Workshop – Clear Your Energy, Clear Your Mind

April 14 at 7pm. Join me for an experiential workshop at the lovely Indigo Yoga Studio in Walnut Creek. Indigo members can sign up here, or non-members can find information on how to join.

Happier Hour

April 24 from 5-7pm. Unwind from your week with a mini aura healing and ongoing conversation about energy, intuition, spirit, and personal growth that empowers you daily. How do you take your sensitivity and use it to your benefit? This is a new format for me, but I’m excited to see where it can go. We’ll focus on clearing and supporting the third chakra in keeping with the April New Moon energy. Learn more and reserve your spot early.

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