Creativity is Intuition in Action

White Flower Almond Tree NatureThe first white flower popped open on the plum tree outside my kitchen window today. Yesterday, there was nothing but stark gray-brown branches. By days’ end, it will explode with life. There’s no holding back this creative force. It runs deeply in each one of us. It is Nature, and thus our nature, to grow and expand – to let life come through. It is instinct to survive.

Neglecting our “selves” cuts off this life force, and when we do, it can turn on us and morph into something unrecognizable – anger, depression, disconnection.  What was once the high energy of creative consciousness pools and stagnates, lowering the vibration of our feelings and experience, and eventually, our bodies. Our health suffers. We suffer.

As you wake from the slumber of Winter, ask yourself: “What part of me is longing to express itself?”

Do you have an “art” you let go of, or always wanted to try? Whether you color with your children or rebuild an engine, bake a cake or mud pies, paint a mural or paint your fingernails – creativity wants to move through everyone. How did you love to play as a kid? What you’ve neglected is still there. Think back. Let yourself day dream – don’t edit yourself, allow.

As a child, I loved to dance. I begged my mom to put records on the stereo, and then shimmied and shook my way across the living room in wild abandon. It occurred to me recently how rarely I even listen to music when alone. I’ve become too content with silence. As Spring unfolds, I’ll make time for my Dancer self. I’ll dance with my daughters in my grown-up living room, or bravely go to that conscious movement class I just heard about.

How can you let your neglected expression appear? Start with your body – slow down, turn your attention inward. Breathe.  Ask what wants to come through. The more you tune into your body, the more your creative instincts will rise up. Pay attention, be spontaneous.

The more you allow creative life force to express through you, the more your intuition – that direct knowing without knowing how you know – pours through to solve problems, inspire, and reveal who you are and “what matters” to you. There are answers to things the logical mind can’t resolve that flow easily through creativity.

As the season shifts with the Spring Equinox, make a date with your Self to create with abandon. It just takes one small step toward opening – one bloom, and a bit of sunlight – and suddenly the whole tree is alive with color.

Three Ways to Lift Your Spirit Today

rainy-day-window-6922Is the gloom and cold of winter getting to you? Feeling bored, unmotivated, lethargic? Yep – me too. Here’s a few quick ways to realign with your Spirit and tap back into inspiration, clarity, and meaning.


  1. Rev up your energy field. The energy field made up by the chakras and aura is the template of your physical form and affects you on all levels. If you shift your energy, your emotions, thoughts, and physical experience will shift too. Try this: Stand without shoes, feet in a wide stance (think Sumo wrestler) and squat low to the floor. Inhale deeply as you reach down with your hands and imagine scooping up lush red energy from the earth, pulling it up through your feet and legs as you slowly stand. Bring your hands together at the heart and keep pulling the energy up through your midline to the top of your hands. With your hands directly above your head, exhale and pull down violet energy from the heavens as you sweep your hands out and back down to your side. (Kind of like doing a standing breast stroke through the cosmos.) Repeat 3-9 times, inhaling and exhaling slowly.
  2. Go outside for 2-5 minutes and notice LIFE. Admire the tenacity of the grass poking through cold concrete, enjoy the grace of a hummingbird flitting around a pink flower, study the clouds shape and patterns, appreciate luminescent moss on a waterlogged tree. Everything is surviving, thriving, enduring, growing. So are you.
  3. Call, text or email one or more people you know – friends, clients, teachers – anyone. Surprise them. Tell them you’re thinking of them. Connect with the intention of letting someone else know they are valued.

3 Ways to End 2016 on Purpose


The next two weeks are a powerful time to tap into universal energies now in play that can connect you to your Soul’s intuitive voice. Are you ready for clarity to live your best life, whatever it may be?  The close of 2016 marks the end of a larger energetic 9-year cycle. Life on many levels is completing and new possibilities are opening up for the next nine years.   Mercury goes Retrograde on the 19th, demanding that we slow down, and the Solstice on Dec. 21 brings the longest night and a new season.  Why fight the Universe? Here are three suggestions for going with the flow and making the most of the rest of your year:

1.       Finish up old emotional business – let go of feelings you know are keeping you stuck by admitting them to yourself or another out loud or in writing. Release and resolve it in a healthy way.

2.       Give yourself credit for all the positive things you learned or changed this year. Take them forward to build on in the new year.

3.       Spend time alone reflecting, remembering, and renewing. Just be quiet and breathe. What is beginning in you?


Cutting out the Crap

There’s a great line from the movie The Shawshank Redemption when the character Red, after being released after decades in prison to live alone and afraid in a dumpy apartment, declares he “better get busy livin’ or get busy dyin.’”  Even having freedom didn’t mean he was really free.

I’ve been thinking a lot about living and dying this week as I honor my sister Terri’s death 10 years ago today.

She had a choice to fight her cancer again or die, and she chose death. And it wasn’t until she made that choice that she really started to live.

On a visit not long after her prognosis, I found her on hands and knees in the doorway of what was once her oldest son’s room.  She’d been chopping out the ugly shag carpet by hand with a scissors, cutting five inch squares until her hand blistered and bled.

“What are doing sis?” I said trying to not sound like a smart ass.

“I always hated this crap,” she said.  She looked at the floor without another word.

She’d revealed enough to see that underneath the crap was beautiful hardwood. She decided, with a little prompting, that she would redecorate and make it a place just for her. With a little help she started emptying the room bit by bit.

Once she let go of what she hated, she had some room for what she liked.  It was overwhelming to her. How did she make something just for her from scratch?

Start with a picture, I suggested. Since she didn’t have one in her mind, it came from artwork we found in Target during another visit.  It was a painting of a narrow street through what looked like a Mediterranean village. It was warm and bright with ochre, reds and greens. It looked like a place she’d like to visit, she said.

That was the start. From there it was the wall color – Bakelite Gold.  Then a brass headboard and nightstand from her hubby. A trunk at the foot of the bed. New curtains.

We shopped for new things as she got sicker, her lungs closing with tumors from the breast cancer that never really went away. By fall her room was complete – beautiful, cozy and warm. It was all her, and just for her, but she never spent any time there.

“Why don’t you use it,” I asked.

“I don’t want to mess it up,” she said.

She made the trip late that year to take me back to the Wichita airport with our sister, and we stopped as always at the Hobby Lobby on Ridge Road.  Instead of buying things for her room we now shopped for her funeral.  She wanted it to be nice, though she didn’t think anyone would show up. But at least it would be the way she wanted it to be.

We stood in the candle aisle picking out what would go at the front of the funeral home chapel with the flower arrangements. She was drawn to the burgundy, deep green, and gold ones – the same colors that filled her special room.  She picked them up, set them down.

“Will they look too fall-ish?” she worried.

“Do you like them?” our sister asked.  Terri nodded slightly, still staring at the candles.

“I wish I’d known,” she whispered.

She wished she’d known who she was. She wished she’d known what she liked or loved and how to choose it. She wished she’d known that she could ask for what she wanted, that she could demand it even, and actually get it for herself or be open to the generosity of others. She wished she’d known that she mattered. She wished she didn’t have to be so close to death to figure it out who she was.

She taught me more than I realized about living and dying and how it is just as easy to fear one as the other. In fact, I think now they go hand in hand.  How easy it was to avoid all the little kinds of deaths from failure and disappointment. How often had I been afraid to live?

So I decided to honor her and my own grief in a place that makes me feel more alive. I’m leaving early this morning for Wilbur Hot Springs to bathe in healing waters and memories, to shed tears and even my clothes if I wish – and connect to Nature that I love. When I do, I connect to all the other things that I love in me and my life.

I’m meeting a friend for deep conversation. I giving myself solitude and freedom from the constant pull of motherhood and work.  And, I agreed to plans with a new friend when I get back to learn how to paddle board. I’m afraid of making a fool of myself, of not being strong enough, agile enough – hell, even willing enough to do it. But I must.  What my soul calls for is water. I’ve dreamed for years of gliding effortlessly over the surface of water – to canoe, kayak, to sail.  I must do it, because I know I love it, I know I need it and it will make me feel alive.

Like it or not we are dying every day. It is the way of nature. We have no choice. But we do have a choice to live more fully, even if it is simply appreciating each breath we take.

I’m dying.

There, I’ve said it.

Excuse me now as I get busy living.

Mothers’ Intuition

Mothers’ intuition is the best tool for new mothers. Your children are communicating to you all the time. They’re highly tuned to your energy field (emotions, thoughts, memories) because you are the vessel that created them. They are sensitive to the energy vibrations all around them and see the world much like this picture. If you’re little one is having a “bad day”, check yourself, and their surroundings. Is something off today? Talk out loud to your babies and ask them what they need – then listen inside yourself for an answer. This telepathy is part of mothers’ intuition – knowing without knowing how you knowAura

Coming Unglued

Unstuck2.jpegAre you ready to come unglued? Go ahead – I give you permission.

Coming unglued. It’s an old phrase to describe falling apart, losing your mind, going crazy – but maybe the glue is the real problem.  What if some of the things you do to control your emotions, your kids, your reputation – whatever – and keep yourself together, are really keeping you stuck.   If you’re finding it hard to “keep it together,” is “it” really worth keeping in this way?

What does stuck look like? You feel uninspired, disconnected, worthless, restless and “don’t want to be here.” You feel afraid, incompetent – unable to support yourself. Life is boring, repetitive and meaningless. You’re lonely and want to be seen for who you really are. You feel crappy physically and can’t seem to heal.  You’re grieving and can’t imagine an end to pain. You long for something, but mask the feeling by filling up with unimportant or unhealthy things.

I give you permission to come unglued because it’s my job as a psychic to bridge the way between madness and miracles. In my sessions, I see and help you heal what doesn’t serve you, and shine a light on the magnificence and wisdom of your True Self to get you un-stuck.

When you’re un-stuck, you’re free to move – to see from a new perspective that reveals  more about who you are, how you want to live your life, and with whom.

The key is tapping your own intuition to keep you from the sticky places so you can enjoy the life you have while you create a life you love.

Intuition, the voice of your True Self, is the wind that carries you through life so that where you choose to land makes you feel at home in your Self, in your home, and ultimately, at home in the world.


“Illusion of Control” by Brian Andreas

Let Go of Your Walls

You know the old saying that once learned, you never forget how to ride a bicycle? It’s not true – and it is.

I just spent 20 minutes sitting on my bike, which I used frequently until an unsuccessful knee surgery last October, trying to remember how to ride. Or at least trying to convince my body it knew how.

I had to raise the seat really high to give myself room for a less painful revolution, so my knee wouldn’t bend more than absolutely necessary. I started by pedaling backwards, hanging on to the wall and getting a feel for going around and around. My body instinctively contorted to move away from the pain as my knee bent at the hardest point in the revolution – expecting pain, anticipating trouble.   To my surprise, it hurt less than I thought it would.

“Okay, not bad,” I told myself. “Now slow it down and see where the pain is. See if I can get past it.” I went round and round, slowly, adjusting myself on the seat, changing my foot position, breathing and relaxing. Anything to make it feel easier, less painful, and more balanced.

It got better. But as long as I focused on the pain, it was still there.

“Screw it, just go fast,” my taskmaster side came through. “Who cares what it looks like, just push through. If it hurts, it hurts – it won’t kill you.” I felt sufficiently beat up and pedaled faster. Still in reverse, still going nowhere.

Time to let go of the wall. I looked down the driveway out to the court.   I couldn’t’ let go of that damn wall. My mind was freaking out, sounding like a five year old just learning to ride – I’m going to fall, it’s too high. It’s too far. I can’t do it. It’s going to hurt. I was SCARED. I flashed on the first time I rode a bike. My parents let go and I went straight into a barbed wire fence.

Right behind Fear came Logic. Don’t be ridiculous! Just go as far as the shady part. Look – all the mailboxes are tall enough to grab for balance. If you go that way you can land on the grass if you fall. All these thoughts back and forth –fear telling me to stay, logic telling me to go. Neither one moved me forward.

But I could feel something stronger rising from the very center of me. That force – a thing inside that wants to push through no matter what – that has no thought, no words. It took over and I was off. I pushed down with my “Bad” knee and pedaled away. Easy. Didn’t hurt. It was NO BIG DEAL. I glided out of the court, turned around and came back to the garage. I stopped and jumped off the seat – from that high, scary, unbalanced place – just like I jumped off my bike without thinking so many times before.

With both feet firmly on the concrete I lifted my hands from the handlebar. They were shaking. I DID it!

I jumped on that bike this morning spontaneously and without a plan.   And until then I didn’t realize how scared I’ve been about pushing myself not only physically but creatively – how many old fears were running around my head in deeply worn ruts that have no basis in truth.

The mind can convince us, through thoughts that lead to emotions – that we are incapable of being and doing more. That we must protect ourselves from pain. That we must not stand too tall in the world lest we fall and make a fool of ourselves.

But the deep knowing of intuition – that driving force of the higher, wiser Self in us all – is always there if we let it be. It never forgets. It is always right. And it will always move us further and faster if we just let go.


Innsbruck, Austria by Katia Novak 2012

Listen to your Heart

Today I saw an amazing picture of Pluto just sent back by the New Horizon space probe that’s been flying through space for nine years.   I was surprised by Pluto’s bland colors and thought it’s not very pretty – until I saw that its landscape formed what looked to me like a huge heart on the surface.

I find meaning in everything. There’s a reason that contact with Pluto is happening now, so curiosity drove me to check the meaning of Pluto  from an astrological perspective.   (I swear I’m not an astrologer though I refer to the practice often. I’m a naturalist. We are in the same system with the natural world, and it affects us all.)

Pluto symbolizes transformation, regeneration, and rebirth.  It also governs things hidden, secretive, and subversive.  Pluto is as my first glance revealed– not pretty, but it demands that we look inside our hearts. It affects the masses and now is a time when “good and evil” seem to be playing out even more on a large scale.

For me the message is clear. For real change to happen I must be in my heart. To help shift the balance of light and dark reflected in my life, I need to search my heart.

Being in your heart accesses the transformative power of Pluto on so many levels. It requires too that you look at the dark side of your own heart, what is hidden and corrupt, what is destructive to you and perhaps others. But the heart is huge when you go inside it. There’s so much good waiting there. What’s hidden can be revealed and transformed to create something new in your life – a new attitude, a new resolve to  make meaning in your daily acts, the courage to finally face the darkness that taints your life by hiding behind anger, fear, addictions, judgement  – and be fully in the world.

What does it mean to be in your heart? To act from your heart?  First and foremost it means to be quiet and breathe. Bring attention down out of the mind and thoughts, and simply breathe into and through your physical heart center. This is the fourth chakra, our energetic heart center.

From this place, the heart informs the mind as to what is true. It circumvents the chatter of the mind, the voices of others, and answers important questions like “what is right action?” or “am I being honest” or “why am I afraid?”

It’s taken me a long time to understand what it means to be in my heart and like New Horizon my journey continues, bringing new information as yet unknown. What I do know is that I am most in my heart when I work with others doing readings or share through writing. As a clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, I can see and unlock the energetic potential and blocks in the fourth chakra, and support you in discovering what it means to live from the heart. More importantly, I help you see what’s hidden to transform your life.

Follow your Dreams

“…when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you to achieve it.”  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

My favorite book turns 25 this year. It’s the best story about following your dreams and trusting your intuition I’ve read, and one I return to for inspiration time and time again.

The Alchemist confirmed my experience and fed my hopes when it turned up in my hand over 20 years ago. It’s a simple story but relates many profound spiritual truths.   If you read only the first 30 pages and really get it, I swear it will shift the way you think and perhaps the direction of your life.

The universe is expressing through us all the time, and wants to take us in the direction of our best interests, our talents, and our gifts.  It is only when we fight what we know deep down to be true, when a “mysterious force” begins to talk us out of our dreams, that life becomes difficult. It is never easy to swim against the current.

Life starts not working out, plans fail, health leaves us – but it is all part of the grander plan to bring us back to where we need to be. The trick is to be open and watch for the signs.  That’s when intuition leads the way.  The universe is always speaking to us.  Listen.

What books changed your life?  Please share some titles and your experience!

Lost and Found

This place teemed with life like no place I’ve been. Every step put me in danger of hurting something – black and golden grasshoppers by the dozens leapt out of the way, half inch red ants commuted in waves across the dirt trail, butterflies flitted, birds swooped, caterpillars wriggled over branches and up tall grass, salamanders darted underfoot,  startling me as I walked. Birdsong rang out from every direction from one of hundreds of species that migrate through here for the winter.  Soon the Sacaton grass was over my head and I lost the trail, overgrown in a few weeks from the heavy rains of late. I stood still and afraid for a moment because I could not see my way.  But there is a path if you’re willing to dive in and move forward; there are guideposts if you look closely.  I felt small in this resplendent place, unimportant. What is important came into focus. With every bug bite, scratch, and stab of burrs clinging to my pants, I laughed. It felt good to be alive.